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28 May 2020 @ 06:27 pm

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19 July 2011 @ 02:23 am

Reasons why I should be/am okay:

- I have a bf who hasn't given up on me
- I have friends here though not of the exact same comfort level as back home but they're still important nonetheless
- I have a good and understanding roomie =)
- There's an abundance of apple cider nearby although not of my fav brand
- I'm living away from my house
- It's not as hot as SG
- School days are short
- Can't think of anything else now..

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19 July 2011 @ 02:14 am

reasons why I'm not okay:

1. Regret
- SIM RMIT is now offering the exact same course title as mine, comes together with modules that I have taken/are going to take. it costs SGD$7k per sem. mine's SGD$13k. best.
- I didn't put my foot down at what I didn't truly want
- I didn't expect things to turn out this way
- Feels like a repeat of secondary school days as cowardly loser who has no guts to stand up for myself
- I'm starting my career head-deep in debt and I won't have enough money to reach the goals that I want on time

2. It's fucking cold everyday
- which leads to icy fingers & toes that literally "defrosts" in the shower (cue pain and frustration)
- Wearing 4 layers of tops and 2 layers of bottoms makes me look frumpy and unattractive
- I'm obliged to opt for practicality over fashion else I'll freeze in the cold which repeats the previous point about unattractiveness
- Practically the whole of this semester is gonna remain cold. and I don't like the cold..
- it's hard getting out of bed & shower = waste more time = late for appointments/can't be bothered to do anything anymore

3. I'm over 6,000km away
- I miss my hkapd
- I miss friends.. people who make me happy
- I miss Japanese food... sigh
- I'll be missing precious milestones: 4th yr anniversary, bestie's 21st birthday, dear's parade..

4. Others
- I can't adapt fast because I have many things at the back of my mind that I can't leave behind
- the dread of starting school is repeating again and I hate not knowing anyone when everyone else has friends around them
- I really don't want to spend any more money than I have to eventhough it means not having a life because it's not worth wasting more money
- its sad knowing that family is a bunch of strangers operating on what they themselves think you should be and do. no one understands the real truth and meanings behind one's actions
- I dunno what God wants

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27 March 2010 @ 02:23 am
Wow. It's been an extremely long hiatus since the last post lol.

At the end of my journey pursuing this diploma, I am now at the crossroads looking at University education either locally or a foreign university based here or even starting on my career. Well, it all depends on the postings coming up in the next few months. There are plenty of "what ifs" and it's tiresome just thinking of the number of Plan As, Plan Bs, Plan Cs, etc (especially so, when nothing much has happened). But I have faith that it'll turn out fine. It's just amazing to learn about the different journeys of people to get to the same platform - University. Even if you can't make it in the first time, it doesn't mean that your chances are void forever.

Aside from the deep thoughts, I was just thinking of having little goals and aspirations to achieve (before postponing it any longer!) 

The 20-List
aka Things I Would Like to Do At 20

1.   Passing JLPT Level 1/2

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Yes. It was something that I had intended to do whilst in Secondary School but failed. And I'm totally out of touch with the Japanese manga/anime/cosplay/music scene so I'm pretty much rusty.. Am gonna work on it and hopefully make it on time in December =) yosh! ganbarimasu!

2.  Being part of a Flea Market

Coming up real soon! 

3.  Health Screening

It's never too early to start and early detection is key. Medical History, Physical Examination, Chest X-Ray, Electrocardiogram (ECG), Multiphasic Blood Tests, Urinalysis, Stool Analysis, Pap Smear, Cancer Screening, Ultrasonic Examination, Lung Function Test, Audiometry, Tonometry, Treadmill Stress ECG. Wow. o_o"

4.  Travel to more Asian countries

Am going on trip to Jakarta and hopefully *crosses fingers* someplace else: Phuket, Bintan, Hong Kong or Philippines! And Bali (again)!

5.  Run a Marathon

Was supposed to be a goal last year but oh well.. =p

That's it! For now, at least. Being a "list" person, typing this down is great =) As I'm less busy now, I'll probably be back blogging again. Class Chalet today and hopefully, breakfast in the morning!
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19 October 2009 @ 01:11 am
For we walk by faith, not by sight.
2 Corinthians 5:7
27 April 2009 @ 01:30 am
After working a 7-day week with OTs, I pray that today shall be a better day.
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04 April 2009 @ 09:26 pm
With the bf sleeping for the nth hour, just a short update for now~

An exclusive CNN Revealed interview with the French Vogue editor-in-chief - an insight into her life and job as one of the highly important fashion icons today, if I may say so. For you Amanda and Sharon! I think it'll be something you'd be interested to watch =p Thanks to Bryanboy!


Fashion and Human RightsCollapse )

dang, am craving for some Hot Fudge Sundae! *_*
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19 March 2009 @ 12:21 am
Hey all! It's been forever since I've last updated heh. Hello Amanda!! *waves* =p

Basically, I've transformed into an utter slob and night owl. My body clock has turned the total opposite where I sleep at around 6am (when my brother wakes up for work) and wake up at 2pm (which causes me to skip breakfast and  leads to an extremely late lunch). And despite knowing that this shouldn't be happening, I can't help but help it to happen *faints* And I've been watching a whole bunch of dramas/movies/videos and playing a whole ton of different games (Shockwave games!) all through the night >.<"" Not forgetting, I've been thinking of attempting to bring out my dusty sewing machine back to life again! But the catch is...I'm lazy =x

And these days, when things tend not to go the way it's supposed to, I get moody and well, depressed. Gah!

Spent last Sunday at MJ's family chalet which turned out pretty entertaining and yes, I should stop being a scaredy cat >.<" The 3 lil kiddos (2 boys and a girl) are so cute! MJ was called "Chicken Wing" HAHA! and I was named "Barbie" (I thought she called me "Babi" which made me go: ehh! O_O") and was told that I have "big teeth", "big mouth" and "big ears" LOL! Yes...Kids say the darnest (and true!) things ^^"" Looking (and playing) with the hyper kids past 11pm reveals to me how tiring it is for parents to put their kids to bed every night lol... Caught Push together with his cousin, Chermaine, after midnight and the movie was...a-okay. Not as horrible as how Olivia and Dicki depicted it to be haha!

Results are out! And this time, unlike the previous 3 semesters' results, my dad had no words to say. I have no idea if that's a good or bad thing but I'll just take it as a good thing @_@" Am not gonna say much about my results except for the fact that I am proud of my Open House team (and supporters)! It has been proven that we have done a pretty darn good job (to hell with the <b><i>redundant immature feedback from we-know-who-they-are)! Sub-bosses can all get promoted to boss already lah =p MJ and Dicki share really similar traits of being satisfied (and happy!) with their results even if they aren't one of the best in class haha! Which is a pretty good thing of living life contented lol =p

Portable Film FestivalCollapse )

The bf's zonked out from his secondary school CCA camp and was moody during dinner so I hope he feels better when he wakes up =) And I should be <i>attempting</i> to sleep soon too only that the feature film I want to watch hasn't finished buffering >.<" Till next time, nights!
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21 February 2009 @ 12:11 am

Oh my god. DMC is gonna be showing in theatres real soon! On the 19th of March according to Yahoo! Movies

Thomson, you are so gonna love this LOL.

And what's shocking (at least to me) is that Ken'ichi Matsuyama is the acting as Negishi aka Krauser! Sugoi!! If you're not aware, Ken'ichi's acted as "L" in Death Note The Movie. Oh my gawd...he seriously looks like this famous comedian (that appeared in Ya-Ya-Yah/Arashi/Some Johnny shows) when he's in the real Negishi mode @_@""

I wonder how they are gonna execute the crazy drumming skills of DMC's drummer lol...and how MDA's gonna rate the movie..hmm..^^" from a sick/vulgar/violent manga to anime and now movie! omg...@_@"" but it's friggin hilarious! can't wait to watch this! =x